About Us

Parade Mission & Vision

The Englewood Back to School Parade (EBTSP) is a “Moving Presentation” dedicated to the celebration and the pride of the Englewood community that focuses on galvanizing hope and demonstrating to youth how the pursuit of education and staying in school provide unlimited opportunities.

The EBTSP  historic theme:  “Education is the key to the future.”

Parade Mantra:  “Focusing on the Possibilities not the Circumstances”


The Englewood Back to School Parade has been in existence for 61 years.  A day of peace, education, food, fun and entertainment for our youth and their families is offered one day out of the year.  All activities are free of charge.  Groups such as bands, dancing teams and community organizations are welcomed to march in the parade procession.  Giant jumpies & waterslides, food, book bags are given with the basic school supplies, and entertainment geared toward youth are the highlights of the finale.  Yoga demonstrations have also been performed at the finale. During the history of the parade no violence has been reported in the Englewood community on the day the parade has been held.


The Englewood Back To School Parade’s mission is to provide an avenue for the Englewood community to celebrate and to highlight the importance of education by providing an avenue for individuals and organizations (profit & non-for-profit) to introduce their offered services to the residents and students of the Englewood community. There is a sponsor breakfast, a parade procession through the community which concludes at Ogden Park where residents enjoy a day of peace, unity, entertainment and free food and giveaways. This event has been held for 60 successful years  violence free, this is the reasoning behind this event being labeled as a “gem” in the community. 

How Can You Help

Your involvement would help highlight the importance of encouraging, advising, and teaching our youth as well as showing others how important it is to be involved as a supplemental guide for our youth.

The Parade Coordinators & Committee is seeking sponsors, parade participants, vendors and volunteers in efforts to make this day a success.