In 1962 Willie Pittman wanted to give the youth of Englewood an alternative to gangs and negative influences within the community by forming The Central Englewood Drum and Bugle Core at 65th Green Street. This corp practiced after school by marching through the streets by Peoria and Morgan, after the decline of violence Pittman saw a greater opportunity and to our advantage the core was renamed and the “Englewood Back to School Parade” was formed. The Englewood Back to School Parade was formed by Pittman to galvanize hope and to encourage the youth to stay in school and pursue education, thus developing the theme, “Education Is The Key To The Future.”

The Englewood Back to School Parade is the second oldest African American parade in the city. This event has always been a jewel in the community which promoted a day of peace as well as pride.

As a valued member of the Englewood and/or Chicago community we would like to invite you to be a part of the “Englewood Back to School Parade.”
Your involvement would help highlight the importance of encouraging, advising, and teaching our youth as well as showing others how important it is to be involved as a supplemental guide for our youth.

The Englewood Back to School Parade committee is seeking sponsorships in efforts to make this day a success.

We are “Focusing on the Possibilities not the Circumstances”