Sandra Streeter

Parade Chairman

Sandra L. Streeter has been an Englewood resident for 20 years. Currently she is a full-time Accounting Analyst at Northwestern University where she has proven to be trustworthy, accountable and holds a record for longevity. She has analyzed budgets as high as 32 million dollars. Sandra is known for her keen eye to detail and organization, she is known to be an encourager, an esteem builder, a pusher and she is passionate about individuals obtaining proper instruction and training to be productive contributors in all facets of their lives. Sandra believes that knowledge plus action equals power. Through volunteering Sandra assists influential leaders in diverse non-for-profit and corporate business sectors. She is the COO of NTruth Inc., the CEO of Streeter Administrative Services, the Director of Administration for We “R” Englewood, the President of the Ogden Park Advisory Council, and she is a board member of various organizations whose goals are to change the paradigms of thinking, that inspires, supports and provides necessary human resources.